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Phaseolus vulgaris (common bean)


Phaseolus vulgaris, or "common bean," includes dry beans, green or "snap" beans, "shell beans", and popping beans. It was domesticated independently in Central America and in the Andes. Beans provide an important source of nutrition in many cultures, and are also important in agronomic systems for their nitrogen-fixing capacity. Common bean is closely related to several other domesticated crop species in the group of "warm-season legumes": lima bean (P. lunatus), tepary bean (P. acutifolius), runner bean (P. coccineus), and species in the Vigna genus: cowpea, moth bean, urad dal, mung bean, ricebean, Bambara groundnut. Other more distantly related warm-season legumes include soybean, jicama, pigeonpea, African yam bean, hyacinth bean, and Apios ("potato bean").

Of Special Interest

See the LIS Phaseolus genome browser, and the USDA/NIFA Bean CAP project, PhaseolusGenes. See bean QTLs, traits, and related information here, and on the Galeano et al. 2011 consensus map (or via the Maps tab above).

NCBI taxon3885
GRIN taxon27632

Genome Summary

Chromosomes (1N): 11. Genome size: 587 Mbp (Mercado-Ruaro and Kenton, 1993). Status: sequencing is under-way in 2011 as part of a USDA/NIFA and DOE/Joint Genome Institute effort. See also: Mercado-Ruaro P, Delgado-Salinas A. Karyotypic studies on species of Phaseolus (Fabaceae: Phaseolinae). Am J Bot. 1998 Jan; 85(1): 1 for several Phaseolus species.

Chromosomes2n = 2x = 22
Genome size625 (Mbp)
Chloroplast genome size150 (kbp)
Chloroplast NCBI accession numberNC_009259


Reference Data

Selected References

Current publications on Phaseolus vulgaris at PubMed.

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